Renovate A Fixer Upper

Are you one of those people that love the renovation TV shows?  Do you ever dream of renovating your own home or a future dream home but have no idea where to start?  Don’t fret. Call us!  Gigalig Realty partners with Priority Property Group (A renovation company founded by Caroline and Mclean Harris) to help bring your dreams to reality!  Here’s how our Reno Program works:


The first step is to meet in person to review your goals, wants, desires, dreams and ultimate vision. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  Do you want to renovate a current home? Do you want to renovate a fixer upper and make it your dream home?  After meeting and discussing in detail your goals, we decide if our services are a good fit for you.  If so, we move on to step 2.

We will help you set appropriate goals.


If your goal is to renovate a fixer upper, we will work with you to help acquire the perfect fixer upper. Once we find the perfect project house, we work to get the property under contract, close and then move to step three…the design.

We will help you find the best project.


In this step we go through the design process making sure the selections made will fit into your budget and scope, as well as timeline.

We will help you maximize profit in design


After receiving the proper permits and approved plans (if needed), we then move on to the actual renovation part. This is where it all comes to life but can also take the longest amount of time.  We stick to the plan, budget and timeline and to help make the process less stressful for the home owner. We work with licensed contractors and city inspectors to make sure all work is quality workmanship and up to code.  Once renovations are complete and we have passed all inspections, it is then time to make this fixer upper your home sweet home!

We will ensure your work is high quality.

Interested In Renovation or Flipping a Home?

If you are interested in learning the process of flipping houses and would like to learn more about when, where and how to get started, we do offer a beginners rehab consultation. You can email us or schedule a consultation by booking an appointment via the “Book Now” link below..

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