Hello and welcome to Gigalig Realty’s website!  A little about Caroline Harris and her company….

In December, 2013 Caroline Harris and her husband, Mclean Harris, were returning to Atlanta, GA from her home state of Louisiana (just after Christmas) and she heard an advertisement for a seminar coming to Atlanta that would teach people how to flip houses.  Caroline and Mclean had talked about flipping houses and getting into Atlanta real estate for quite a while….but they did nothing about it…Until, Caroline heard the advertisement….clicked on the link and signed them up.  What did they have to lose? In Caroline’s opinion….nothing!  Mclean was a little more skeptical.


Fast forward a few months later, after attending the seminar(s) and becoming members of an elite, national investors group, Caroline and Mclean Harris formed their renovation company (Priority Property Group, LLC), bought their first flip house and dove head first into the Atlanta real estate market and the renovation world.  Caroline Harris quickly discovered she loves all things real estate.  So Caroline Harris decided to get her Georgia real estate license and take a plunge into the Atlanta real estate world leaving her corporate gig behind.

For 10+ years prior to Real Estate, Caroline Harris was in medical/pharmaceutical and packaging sales (all Fortune 500 companies).  Before that, she earned a full athletic scholarship to play Division-1A basketball at The University of Louisiana.  One would say she is extremely competitive and has a deep rooted internal drive to succeed in everything she does, which bodes well for her career path and the Atlanta real estate market.


Because of Caroline’s athletic background, she realizes the amount of time, effort and preparation one must put into their goals in order to be successful.  She puts all this same time, energy and preparation into each client she works with. She also goes above and beyond with her continuing education courses – not only because she truly wants to learn- but because this additional knowledge helps separate her from many other agents.  Caroline Harris is also a real estate coach/mentor and is passionate about helping others succeed.  When/if she can make others look, feel and be their best, she knows she is at her best. She follows this same mindset with her clients.

Caroline Harris’s WHY

Caroline’s passion is real estate but her true love and joys are her husband (Mclean) and son (Lakeland).  “These two “boys” have my heart and bring me a joy like no other,” says Caroline.  “I’m so thankful for their love and support.  It was not easy resigning from my W2 job to pursue full-time “momtrapreneurship” but having my husband’s support, my son’s smile in the mornings and God as my Captain, I knew I had already won in life. God is good and life is good….which just so happens to be the acronym for my brand and company name…..


Caroline’s passion is real estate but her true love and joys are her husband (Mclean) GIGALIG ™ REALTY =God is good and Life is good (#Gigalig).”


Caroline Harris would love to get to know you and understand your real estate goals.   Whether it’s buying, selling, renovating or investing, she is eager to help – from start to finish and beyond!  All you have to do is shoot her an email or go ahead and schedule an appointment on her calendar.  Caroline looks forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

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